About Us


iwear.ie is a brand, which sells cool and uniquely designed clothes.  We want to be fun, creative and different from the competition. We produce every single item of clothing with passion and enthusiasm. How many times have you bought a t-shirt that looks great on a website, and after a couple of washes it was fit for the bin?  We guarantee you this will not happened with our products. Our clothing is guaranteed top quality (Gildan, Sol’s or Regatta professional). 

We value each & every customer and as such are delighted to reward you with our loyalty points program.  Our loyalty points programme rewards you with points on every product you purchase from us, your points are automatically added at check out. 10 loyalty points are awarded for each of our designed t-shirts, once you have collected 120 points you can choose a free t-shirt from any of the t-shirts on our website.

Make yourself unique and choose good quality at affordable prices.